Move Your Members To Meet Your Mission


Build your own version of our behavioral economics platform with custom activities to increase engagement and streamline impact tracking so they can reach their goals.

Types Of Clients Who Have Their Own Customized MilkCrate Impact Engagement & Tracking App


Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and HR departments seeking ways to engage employees in impactful behavior while effectively and efficiently tracking their efforts can have it all with their own custom MilkCrate platform.

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Real Estate Groups

Tenants will pay up to $300 or more a year to live in a building “with a strong sustainability program.” Increase your rental revenue by offering a custom MilkCrate app with green living tips and rewards!

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Schools & Universities

Princeton Review says 61% of high school applicants look to a college’s commitment to the environment when deciding where to apply. Attract these applicants to your school with a competitive do-gooder game like MilkCrate!

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Build your own app to educate, engage, and track your members with challenges – like checking in at a museum or reading an article. You’ll receive verified engagement and impact metrics to share with funders and stakeholders.

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What are you doing to engage and track impactful behavior change at your organization? Newsletters? Bulletin boards? Clunky websites? Instead you can have a custom app accessible anywhere!


Earn points for completing challenges that reflect your unique goals! Whether you are a corporation motivating healthier or greener behavior, or a nonprofit wanting kids in your program to go to more museums – your custom version of MilkCrate will do all this and more!

Why Use MilkCrate?

Impact Made Easy

Wish you could track and grow your group’s impact in the world? Well, now you can. Our fully-customizable platform turns a company’s CSR goals, non-profit initiatives, or a school’s sustainability programs into a fun, trackable game for hundreds, or even thousands, of people to compete, learn, and grow together.

Our mobile app encourages and rewards socially and environmentally impactful behavior. Activities that can be turned into challenges include visiting specific locations, attending events like volunteering, and reading articles. Our easy-to-use admin dashboard gives clients the ability to customize their users’ impact challenges and reward their community around their values and impact goals. With our app, it’s easy and fun to gamify doing good.

Create Value

MilkCrate builds culture and value. By using the MilkCrate platform you can attract and retain values-driven candidates, increase membership dues, track grant-funded programs, or even attain valuable green certifications.

Grow Impact

Empower your community to act in socially and environmentally responsible ways and reward them for it. Track progress and access the reports that matter the most to you.

Engage People

How does your organization ‘do’ impact? Unopened newsletters? A few likes on social media? Boring surveys? Using MilkCrate, you will exceed your engagement goals and impress stakeholders.

Track Progress

As your users complete more and more challenges in your app, you can track your organization’s progress with MilkCrate reports in the admin dashboard. Our Client Success Team is also available to provide insights into what matters most to your organization and the goals you are aiming to accomplish.

Neighborhood Events Attended


Volunteer Hours


Health & Wellness Challenges


Sustainable Life Choices


Community Engagement


It’s time you had real data on your impact

MilkCrate is fully customizable for your organization’s engagement and impact goals. From the look and feel of the app to the number of points users get for completing challenges – you are in the driver’s seat.

Whether you are a corporation wanting to engage more employees in sustainability, a nonprofit educating about healthy choices, or a real estate company that values a holistic green experience – we have got what you need.

What People Are Saying About MilkCrate

MilkCrate helps make students' choices [about their environmental impact] more deliberate and meaningful.

Tim ButlerAssociate Dean Of Student Affairs, Jefferson University

MilkCrate for Communities gives SBN members a totally unique and fun way to connect and interact, all while tracking their impact and reminding them that day-to-day decisions can make a huge difference. It’s like no other benefit we offer and adds an extra layer of value to the overall SBN membership experience.

Wendy MetzgarMember Services Manager, Sustainable Business Network

Working with MilkCrate has been rewarding from the beginning—they immediately understood the value of the Cultural Alliance’s STAMP program, and worked quickly to find innovative ways to appeal to STAMP’s teen audience. The dashboard is approachable and easily navigated on the administrative side, working with the MilkCrate crew is a breeze, and our beta-testing teenagers are excited to see what’s possible with the new, custom STAMP by MilkCrate app.

Anne Marie RhoadesVice President of Advocacy & Strategic Partnerships, Cultural Alliance

A great local company. [Millennials] really are interested in coming to work for companies with a purpose, with sustainability at its core.

Dave StangisVice President, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Campbell Soup Co.

How Does MilkCrate Work?

Client Dashboard

Grow & Track Your Impact

As the administrator of your MilkCrate for Communities platform, you will have access to a custom dashboard website to manage your content and users.

We’ll track your community’s progress. Then, we’ll give you access to the metrics and reports that matter the most to your organization. Allowing you to reward your community for having taken the steps in your chosen direction.

Challenges & Activities

Users Complete Challenges in the App

Once members of your community download your custom version of the MilkCrate app they will begin earning points by completing challenges. These points will add up to a significant collective impact. All actions can be customized to suit your coming goals.

Challenges include:

  • signing up for events (tip: a Wellness Workshop)
  • checking in to a location (tip: a Community Garden)
  • logging volunteer hours (tip: 3 hours at Habitat for Humanity)
  • viewing media (tip: reading an article on solar energy)
  • reporting an activity (tip: biking to work)
  • signing up for something (tip: Composting Pick Up)
Detailed Profile

See Instant Results

Each member of your community, whether they’re employees, students, tenants, or clients, will have their own account in your customized MilkCrate for Communities App.

On their profile page they will instantly see aggregate points, leaderboard status, and completed activities.

As the community admin, you will immediately monitor the dashboard, employ this data across the community, and advance community goals.

Earn Rewards with Points

Motivation = Extra Rewards

You don’t have to be a rabbit to know carrots are better than sticks. MilkCrate rewards are a key component to motivate your community members to take action. During onboarding and customization, our Client Success Team works with you and your community to design a rewards system that aligns with and supports your community’s values and commitment to impact.