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We provide an easy-to-use platform that solves the top issues reported by Corporate Social Responsibility professionals: tracking and engagement of social and environmental impact.

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Multi-family communities are eager to stand apart from the crowd — and today’s renters and buyers are looking to go green.

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Increase your student and faculty’s social and environmental engagement. Your culture of impact will attract and retain new ones.

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Our technology provides major benefits to our nonprofits, including additional sources of revenue like applying for grants and sponsors.


Empower your employees to create a meaningful societal impact

Instant Analytics

The top issues reported by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professionals includes tracking and reporting 1. Our easy-to-use platform does all the hard work for you. Access meaningful reports and real-time numbers around individual behaviors instantly.

1 Corporate Social Responsibility: What’s At Stake. A MicroEdge Study of 100 CSR Professionals


Neil Hawkins, chief sustainability officer and corporate vice president for the Dow Chemical Company says, “Companies that give employees a platform to create meaningful societal impact as part of their jobs create a win-win-win for people, planet and long-term business success.” 2

2 The Huffington Post, January 2016

Transform your Culture

Cultivate an engaging culture of impact and express your community’s values everywhere it counts, from internal communications to brand messaging. Your new corporate customs will also help attract and retain new talent.


Today’s renters and buyers are looking to go green.


Renters opt to pay an extra $31 a month, or $372 a year, to live in a building that includes “sustainability or green initiatives” and opt to pay an extra $26 a month to live in a building that recycles. 3

3 Multi Family Housing Council, Renter Survey 2015


In the same survey by MFHC conducted by the National Multifamily Housing Council, 43% of respondents said that to appeal to them, the websites of apartment communities should include information on how sustainable features were used in the apartments’ development.


Residential property managers offer tenants a major value add, with discounts to bike and car sharing, as well as useful local lifestyle information. MilkCrate for Communities provides the technology, the content, and the management for an entire residential sustainability program.


Increase your student and faculty’s social and environmental engagement

Attract Students

61% of the 10,000 teens participating in the 2015 College Hopes & Worries Survey said a school’s commitment to the environment would influence their decision to apply to or attend the college.4

4 Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, March 2009

Track Volunteering

By suggesting sustainable activities and providing opportunities to volunteer and engage with the local community, your school will easily craft a culture of impact.

Showcase Your Values

Share an authentic message around your values and craft a culture of impact to attract new students and their families using verified and quantified analytics provided by the platform.


Stand out and showcase your organization’s impact.

Happy Members

Retain and attract new members with our rewarding lifestyle platform — they will thank you for the sustainable tips, tricks and suggestions. Plus, the rewards won’t hurt.

New Corporate Sponsorships

Seek new sponsors looking to attract the right audience using our demographic data and verifiable metrics, like demonstrating a net increase in bicycling rates across the city, volunteer hours amongst members or signups for a local CSA.

Verified Impact for Grants

Receive verified analytics measuring your organization’s impact whenever you need them to use for future and current grants.