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Is your business in Philadelphia?

Earn cash back for operating sustainably

Did you know that you could save thousands of dollars in tax credit by demonstrating that your company’s practices are sustainable for your community and the environment? Eligible businesses can receive a tax credit from the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Sustainability, which could cover up to 80%* of the startup costs of MilkCrate for Communities.

As one of our clients, we can create and submit your Sustainable Business Tax Credit application for you.

*Tax credit is up to $8,000 so our small to mid-size clients are often able to cover a major portion of their fees.

Factors considered for eligibility include:

  • How your business interacts with its employees and community
  • Your business’ impact on the environment
  • Sustainability certifications, if any, granted to your business by an organization other than B Lab
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Learn more about the tax credit here.