It’s all about engagement.

How Rewards Work

MilkCrate for Communities will suggest actions like visiting triple-bottom-line businesses, signing up for green lifestyle services, attending sustainability-related events, or finding volunteer opportunities.

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Take Actions

Using MilkCrate for Communities, your members will be able to easily find local, triple-bottom-line businesses, sign up for green lifestyle services, attend sustainability-related events, and find volunteer opportunities. Things that make them feel good about doing good.

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Earn Points

To sweeten the experience, every action has a point value, adding up over time for each user…

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Get Rewards

Your members will then be able to cash in their points for great prizes. Together, using behavioral economics strategies and rewards, we will craft a customized incentive program that is tailored to your members’ wants and needs. This maximizes long-term community engagement and the overall performance of the platform to meet your impact goals.

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