MilkCrate Update: Winter 2017

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From new clients to new website sections, we wanted to drop in to announce a few exciting updates here at MilkCrate.

Clients: we got ‘em!

Last month, we announced our pilot class of clients at a celebration with friends, family, advisors and investors – a validating moment that made our decision to pivot and develop MilkCrate for Communities feel all the more fitting.

We are happy to announce clients from three unique sectors, positioning us to manage any sizable community looking to create a culture of impact using technology.

(If you represent an organization looking to weave impact into your work life for the first time, check out our guest blog for Generocity from last week!)

And, without further ado, we’d like to formally announce our first MilkCrate for Communities clients:

  1. School: Philadelphia University
  2. Nonprofit Membership Organization: Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia
  3. Corporation: Comcast (Read more on this announcement here, here and here!)


Launches: they’re coming!

So, when will these user groups be hopping on the app?

  1. The Philadelphia University student body will gain access following their spring break. A launch event is in the works, and students will compete to earn rewards like cash and credit to the school’s bookstore.
  2. The Sustainable Business Network member businesses will gain access on March 24 to coincide with Sustainaball – their largest annual fundraiser.
  3. We will run a pilot with a subset of the Philadelphia-based Comcast employee population in late spring.


Website: it’s updated!

To reflect all these updates, we’ve made some enhancements and additions to our website. This includes a super cool MilkCrate timeline and a featured community section, where we plan to highlight our clients and their stories. Check out Philadelphia University’s here!

Have any feedback? Shoot us an email as we’d love to hear from you.


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