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M4C Stories: Be a Driver of Cultural Change

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post by Maram Moushmoush

M4C: Driver M4C_Stories_Maram_Teamof cultural change

Oftentimes, I’ll get weird looks if I talk about climate change, or ask to have my prepared sandwich put in my reusable bag, or decide to take the stairs instead of the elevator. I see MilkCrate for Communities (M4C) as a driver for cultural change and a motivator for us all to make these sometimes less than popular choices.

In the beginning it was difficult to remember to use the app, but then it became second nature as my actions (recycling, taking the stairs, or shopping zero waste for food), along with logging them, became habitual. Now more than ever, I feel inclined to choose to support sustainable businesses, and continue to improve my sustainable habits.

“In order to guide the world towards a sustainable future, change should start with you.”

Taking action: Businesses visited and actions taken

In order to guide the world towards a sustainable future, change should start with you. And that’s definitely what M4C is helping me do. As I shopped zero waste at Whole Foods, I had two customers ask me what I was doing when I filled my mason jar with pasta or trail mix. I explained to them that I’m seeking a zero waste lifestyle (and how it becomes a nice display for your pantry!) They thought it was a great idea and said they’d commit to do the same on their next shopping trip. That moment helped me realize how small acts can create ripples of change. M4C has encouraged me to live responsibly, motivate those around me – all while earning points!


slack-for-ios-upload-1M4C Fairy: Rewarding good behavior

As MilkCrate’s student ambassador, I had the opportunity to float around Philadelphia University’s campus dressed as a fairy (admittedly, a dream of mine) and give students “fairy dust”– a token in the form of a seed bomb – for committing sustainable actions. Wondering where my wand is? It’s a selfie stick I used to take photos with students!

As the pilot for M4C is about to come to an end, fellow students, our sustainable actions haven’t. A well-known phenomena postulates that it takes 21 days for actions to become habits. M4C is that tool that motivates the user to create habits that will last forever. Now that you’ve adopted new habits, I ask all of you to remember to be a driver of change. And, stay tuned for January when we launch M4C campus wide!

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