Goodbye Ben’s Desk; Thanks for Everything!

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It may have been the actual day after New Year’s Day 2016 that we moved in. We were so excited to be graduating from our incubator, Project Liberty, and moving into our very first real office as a company. While I was away on a West Coast meeting tour, my team were off looking at every coworking space under the Philly sun. Ultimately Anthony, the Ben’s Desk crew, and the space impressed us the most. I signed sight unseen due to their enthusiasm, and I knew it was the right choice.

We were practically the first one’s here, the space wasn’t even finished being renovated, but we were so excited to move in we didn’t care. As more people filled in we had to relinquish what felt like ‘our floor’, but we were happy to welcome these new startup neighbors, many of whom become great friends and even business partners.

We have hired two companies on the 11th floor: Compass to build our awesome and ever-growing website, and Grue and Bleen for our fantastic new MilkCrate for Communities demo video. I also got to be an early client of the now-defunct WeTrain, a cool trainer on-demand program that got me out in Rittenhouse in the early morning enjoying the city in a way I never had before.

Some (but certainly not all) of our BDX highlights include:

Morgan’s Startup Grind experience

Panel presentations on the 12th floor

Tasty pizza from Rosa’s

Community lunches

Letting us store our giant bike in our office

Creating a community of startups and the crazy wonderful people who work for them

Morning yoga for Caitlin’s sanity

Blake fixing all the broken things. Thank you, Blake!

And, of course, proximity to our favorite news source, the incredible team.

After 16 months at Ben’s Desk, the MilkCrate team has expanded to the point that we had outgrown our cozy room on the 11th floor. But we will always feel a special connection to that office and the people that helped us along on our journey. Thank you and we hope to see you at our new space at 1241 Carpenter Studios.

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