What is MilkCrate?

MilkCrate is a mission-driven company that builds technologies to support environmentally and socially sustainable communities everywhere. We’ve built two products: My MilkCrate, a free app for Android and iOS users, and MilkCrate for Communities, an enterprise tool that encourages, tracks and rewards sustainable activity of membership-based organizations, companies, schools and universities.

Where are you based?

MilkCrate is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are currently working out of Benjamin’s Desk co-working space where we have access to free beer and the company of numerous up-and-coming startups.

What are the origins of the company’s name?

The name “MilkCrate” comes from the ubiquitous practice of thrifty urban dwellers attaching milkcrates to the back of their bikes. This creative cargo solution perfectly symbolizes what our app is all about: repurposing, urban living, and ingenuity. Like our namesake’s function, the My MilkCrate app is the container for your more sustainable urban lifestyle.

What’s the relationship between My MilkCrate, the app, and MilkCrate for Communities, the platform?

MilkCrate for Communities is essentially a premium version of the My MilkCrate app. MilkCrate for Communities Users (see below) will unlock the premium version through an invitation link sent by their community’s administrator. The My MilkCrate content, such as the business directory and the events calendar will be available in the premium version. The major difference is the point earning gamification feature and metrics and analytics around user activity.

How would you describe the various MilkCrate relationships?

  • Community Clients: These are groups that hire MilkCrate to provide the MilkCrate for Communities platform and services to engage their people in the local economy, sustainable lifestyle choices and impactful behavior. They are businesses, nonprofits, schools or even residential management companies that have a few hundred or even a few thousand people. They are offered three levels of support: DIY, Standard, and Premium.
  • My MilkCrate Users: These are individuals that have downloaded our free app, available for iOS, Android or desktop use. They do not have access to the special features of MilkCrate for Communities.
  • MilkCrate for Communities Users: This group of people has access to the premium features of MilkCrate for Communities because a community they are a part of hired us to provide this service, as a Community Client.
  • Business Directory: Listings in our business directory ares sustainable options in 20+ lifestyle categories, everything from farm-to-table restaurants to bike shops. Around 90% of these listings came from data partnerships. The other listings were independently submitted through our website.
  • Data Partners: Membership-based organizations that we partner with share with us the businesses that have met their criteria/joined their organization and we list them in our directory free of charge. The organization’s logo serves as a ‘badge’ on the business listing’s profile page.
  • Third Party Client: These are companies that are listed in our directory that provide a service, experience or product that they want to promote to our users (both free and premium).

What criteria must a business or organization meet in order to be listed on MilkCrate?

Our database is sourced from partnering organizations with preexisting databases that meet certain sustainability standards. If a business does not belong to one of our partner organizations, they can submit themselves through our website. We vet them internally using the B Corp Impact Assessment.

How can I see what makes a company sustainable?

Each business or organization profile page will display at least one “badge,” a logo indicating how it made its way to the database. This is a transparency tool for you as a user to understand what aspects of the company are sustainable. For instance, if the business is part of one of our member-based nonprofit partner organizations, i.e. B Corporation, it will boast the B Corp logo. If a business was submitted through our website, it will display our MilkCrate logo. Be sure to click each badge to learn more!

How do I earn points and win prizes for taking sustainable actions?

The points and rewards system is only available in the MilkCrate for Communities platform. Are you a part of a community? Check with your workplace, school or nonprofit organization to ensure they’ve heard of the program. Click here to send them an informational email.