How to Download the MilkCrate for Communities App

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Are you a part of our client communities? Awesome, let us walk you through how to download…

You’ll need:

  • A smartphone or device such as an iPad

Before downloading, ensure your phone has the following:

  • Apple: 17.3 MB of storage, iOS 9.3 or later
  • Android: 17.07 MB of storage, Android 4.1 or later 

Where to find it:

Gaining Access:

Once you’ve downloaded the app, click “Create Account.”

You’ll be asked to enter an email, create a password, and enter a Community Code. Your school or business will provide you with this code, giving you access to interact with your fellow employees/students privately within your community.

Exploring the app:

We suggest starting off by watching our Intro Video, which will give you an overview of MilkCrate for Communities and how it works. This is located on the Home page.

Then check out the featured Challenges at the top of the screen to find inspiration on sustainable activities for your week ahead.

Scroll down to take part in the Daily Poll and to see how other members of your community are engaging in sustainable activities.

Head over to the search tab to explore the different categories and ways to earn points! Go to your profile to see how many points you’ve earned and how you rank against other members of your community.

Using the app:

During the day, take time to check out nearby businesses and log your sustainable activities. This can be done in the Search tab. For example, if you’ve brought a reusable water bottle to work search “water” and find the activity that matches.

Click on this activity, which will bring you to a new page with a short description and a button to confirm that you have participated. Depending on the activity, you will receive a certain amount of points.

Similarly you can check into sustainable businesses that you patronize, like a lunch spot you frequent, and earn points the same way you would an activity. Looking for a green event in your area or a way to give back? Search through our database of Events and Volunteer opportunities and register right in the app.









As your points tally up, your chances of winning rewards go up. Rewards will be items like cash or gift cards.

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