Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship Awarded to MilkCrate’s CEO

We’re very excited to announce that our CEO Morgan Berman has been awarded the Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship! This July Morgan will be spending a week in the UK in an intensive 1-week program based at Windsor Castle. She will be learning alongside other social entrepreneurs and building skills to use business as a force for good in the world.

The Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship was founded in 2009 “with the mission to forge bridges across boundaries between minority communities in Europe and North America” and particularly (but not exclusively) recruited Jewish and Muslim social entrepreneurs for the program. According to their website, their work “is being achieved through building a network of entrepreneurs and community leaders invested in empowering pluralistic societies, nurturing wisdom and collaborative leadership.” MilkCrate’s commitment towards sustainability and inclusion has Morgan’s background as a Jewish and blended family is a perfect fit for her personally and professionally. 


Morgan sat down with us recently to talk about being awarded this fellowship and what she’s most excited to see across the pond.

What attracted you to the fellowship?

“It’s about bringing people together around what truly matters to me: being a force of good in the world and using business to do that. It is a program that focuses on bringing together people with some differences and then building upon their similarities. Having a father who specializes in organizational dynamics, I know how powerful this kind of group building can be for the participants but hopefully, it can carry over into large societal waves.”

How do you think this will make MilkCrate even better?

“This will help MilkCrate access an international network of people who work in social impact. Having a network that expansive to discover potential employees, investors, advisors, etc. is a great way to branch out. We’re always excited to meet new companies who can benefit from our tool and are now working internationally – so this is great timing.”

What do you plan on seeing during your first trip to London?

“ I’m very excited to be staying in Windsor Castle with its beautiful old world architecture. I’ve also been watching (like everyone else), HBO’s the Crown, so it will be great to see these places in person. On a personal note, I’m excited to see one of my best friends who recently moved to the UK, that is definitely a special bonus.”

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