Curated & customized for your community.

MilkCrate for Communities guides your community, step-by-step.

Take Action

MilkCrate for Communities will suggest actions like visiting triple-bottom-line businesses, signing up for green lifestyle services, attending sustainability-related events, or finding volunteer opportunities.

Categorized & Customized

All actions are categorized to find and explore with ease. Add, remove and manage actions to ensure they appeal to your community.

Guided Challenges

Challenge your community members to take action in themed challenges. From sustainable transportation month to all things waste, we make sustainability approachable and fun.

MilkCrate impactful actions

Take Impactful Actions

Whether they’re big, like signing up for bike share, or small, like using a reusable mug for coffee, every action counts. Your community can take part in our weekly challenges, or earn points for taking random actions throughout their week.

MilkCrate sustainable business directory

Visit Sustainable Businesses

Your community can check in to one of our hundreds of local listings that make up our sustainable business directory. From fair trade coffee shops to thrift stores, they’ll find a listing for their every need.

MilkCrate sustainable events calendar

Volunteer & Attend Local Events

Give a greater sense of purpose to your community by encouraging them to take part in local volunteer opportunities and green-themed events, all found in our categorized calendar.

Ready for your community to take action?