At MilkCrate, we encourage both individuals and whole communities to rally around making sustainable lifestyle choices. Why? Because, as our missions states, we believe the potential to create a sustainable future is in all of us!

In August 2014, we launched our first app, My MilkCrate — a directory tool that connects people to local, green businesses. The reason behind it all? Our co-founder, Morgan Berman, was discouraged by the lack of central, portable resources available to help her live a local, sustainable life. With the help of her team, including her tech co-founder, Jason Cox, the tool took off in Philadelphia and is still expanding to U.S. cities far and wide.

Our new, premium app, MilkCrate for Communities, builds off the success, technology and content of our app. It enables more people — employees of corporations, members of nonprofits, students and staff of schools and residential communities — the chance to collectively make a huge impact by tracking sustainability on an organizational scale and giving users ideas and incentives for taking sustainable steps.

The History: From pivots to progress!

September 2013

Launched MilkCrate Philly, the company which started as Morgan’s thesis project for her Master’s Program at PhilaU.


August 2014

Launched a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo, raised $20,000, and released the first version of our consumer app, which served users like a green Yelp.

October 2014

Competed for investment and pitched MilkCrate on stage at the Forbes Under30 Summit as part of the Pressure Cooker Competition.

Winter 2014

Established the MilkCrate brand and ditched “Philly” from the name with plans to go national. The milk crate became our official logo.

Spring 2015

Evolved to My MilkCrate to alleviate confusion for users navigating app stores. (Thanks to everyone who downloaded our app and not the $2.99 app that helps organize your music collection.)

July 2015

Our CEO was invited to the White House with 44 other sustainability leaders to discuss climate change.

October 2015

Recognized throughout the city and earned awards like “Startup of the Year” at the Young Philly Leads Awards, hosted by Forbes and Young Involved Philadelphia.

September 2015

Expanded our database of businesses in order to launch Denver, Asheville and Boston with support from the Sustainable Business Network.

February 2016

Scored a sweet deal for ads atop a Philly hybrid taxi fleet.

June 2016

Became a Certified B Corp as a result of meeting strict social and environmental standards.

August 2016

Introduced our first client, Philadelphia University, to the new platform.

January 2017

Established a formal relationship with Comcast, our first major corporate client.

Meet the Team

morgan milkcrate

Morgan Berman

The Boss

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Morgan is a multidisciplinary designer whose mission is to promote sustainable design and weave it into the fabric of daily life. She completed her Masters of Science in Sustainable Design at Philadelphia University, where she focused on interactive and industrial design within the broader context of sustainability. Prior to her work as a sustainability advocate and designer, she worked as a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania and as an educator/advocate in women’s health.

Mounica - new UX intern

Mounica Mukkamalla

UX Intern

Mounica is a UX intern that joined Team MilkCrate in Fall 2016. She is pursuing a Masters in User Experience Design at Philadelphia University. She has come to Philadelphia from India to follow her passion for design and creativity.

Jaspreet "JP" Bhullar

Data Manager

Jaspreet, “JP”, Bhullar is MilkCrate’s data management intern joining us from Philadelphia University. Born in New Delhi, India and raised in Doha, Qatar, JP found herself in the United States to earn a degree in Urban Planning from Virginia Tech. After working a few years following graduation, she felt the need to find a greater purpose in her professional career. She’s currently studying at PhilaU, pursuing a Masters degree in Sustainable Design.

caitlin milkcrate

Caitlin Honan

Media Maven/Customer Success

Caitlin was raised in a small town in South Jersey, but gave up her 10-minute drive to the beach to study journalism and digital art in Philadelphia. She’s always felt a need to advocate for the environment — and as a member of Students for Environmental Action at La Salle University and as an editorial intern with Grid magazine she was able to truly pair her passion with her work. Her background in writing is helping her promote MilkCrate by way of social media and blog posts and her warmth, empathy and attention to detail lends well to her role as Director of Customer Success.

Sambit - new UX intern

Sambit Mohanty

UX Intern

Sambit is a UX intern that joined Team MilkCrate in Fall 2016. He is studying User Experience at Philadelphia University.

John Moore

Board Member

John Moore serves as president of Investors’ Circle Philadelphia and managing partner of Robin Hood Ventures and supports MilkCrate as one of our lead investors and board members. His passion for social impact has recently led him to help found Impact PHL, a group with a mission to increase investment in impact companies and organizations in Greater Philadelphia.

Maren Larsen

Communications Co-op

Maren grew up in the mountains of Colorado, where her passion for sustainability took root. She moved to Philadelphia seeking adventure, and is finding it while pursuing a custom-designed major in digital journalism and cultural studies at Drexel University.

Maram Moushmoush

Student Ambassador

Maram serves as MilkCrate’s first student ambassador. Originally from Charleston, West Virginia, Maram received her undergraduate degree in interior design and business. Her interest in sustainability grew from her early studies and she’s currently expanding her love and knowledge of sustainability at Philadelphia University, where she is pursuing a Masters in Sustainable Design. As a student ambassador, she will help the team promote MilkCrate for Communities at Philadelphia University.

Outline of a Headshot

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What’s it like to join the MilkCrate team?

Just ask the CEO herself…

“like getting into  jiu jitsu” (a recent activity she’s actually started. Beware.)
“…scary, bloody, painful, thrilling, and a strong bonding experience.”

“…maybe leave out ‘bloody.’”

Morgan Berman, founder of MilkCrate

Our Values

Above all else, we are a group of passionate, agile and often crazed humans. Each move is in pursuit of creating sustainable and equitable communities everywhere. Can you dig it? Beyond our mission, we’ve established a set of values here at MilkCrate — and we do our best to live by this creed.

Adventure is out there, and we chase it.
This thing takes guts. Have courage.

Do the Ramen Noodle Hustle.
We are limber, resilient, and resourceful. To serve our mission we learn quickly and act responsively.

Blinders off.
Free to roam the wild, we lend our skills and time when needed. If it’s not your strength then it’s someone else’s. Find them.

Do or do not; there is no try.
We hold ourselves fiercely accountable to our culture and our mission.

Mirror mirror on the wall…
We seek the truth, we tell the truth. We are reflective and constructively critical with each other and the outside world.

Certified B Corporation

MilkCrate is B Corporation Certified.
{{hold for cheers}}

B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Why did we become a B Corp?
Our relationship with the B Movement started years before we were ready for certification. As one of our first partners, B Lab provided us with a list of all the businesses that had met their rigorous criteria so that we could help share them with our users.

Now we are proud to say we’ve joined the ranks of our Better Business idols like Etsy, Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s — and some others in our own backyard, like United by Blue and Azavea. What these companies (and MilkCrate!) have in common is a dedication to a triple-bottom-line of people, planet and profit.

What does this mean?
We have taken the B Corp Impact Assessment, and, based on our company’s policies and practices, we scored above the required 80 points to qualify for certification. We earned points for things like volunteering, donating our services, and buying locally.

The Inclusive Economy Challenge:
Part of being a B Corp is always looking to do more, to be better. Recently, B Labs issued an invitation to all of its certified companies to take part in The Inclusive Economy Challenge. It suggests that companies set goals and improve on 3 or more inclusion metrics in the B Impact Assessment over the next 12 months. Read how we chose to get involved here.

Want to join us?

(You already have an A+ in our book if you are prone to oohing and ahhing over cat photos, have the ability to withstand the occasional Salt-N-Pepa song, and can easily adapt if necessary to an ever-changing tech startup environment.)

We’re looking for passionate folks for the following gigs:

Part TIme Data Manager

Internship: Communications

Don’t see your future up there? Shoot us an email anyway. We can hold your resume on file.