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Our 2017 News Year’s Resolution

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Happy New Year from the MilkCrate team!

post by Maren Larsen

Here at MilkCrate, it is our constant mission to approach everything we do with a sustainable mindset. Sustainability is always part of our New Year’s resolution, and we hope that with our help, you can make sustainable practices part of your daily life in 2017. However, as we ring in the new year and renew our commitment to sustainability, we as a company were inspired by the B Corp Inclusion Challenge and have resolved to make 2017 our year of inclusivity. For this inclusive challenge, we will hold ourselves to three commitments in the new year:

1. Inclusive Interviews

We will continue to give informational interviews to every qualified applicant to the MilkCrate team whose resume indicates they were born overseas. Educational or work experience from other countries indicate that an applicant might have less of a professional network in Philadelphia, and social capital can be difficult for immigrants to build from scratch. We are dedicated to welcoming these applicants to meet with us, learn about our company, and hopefully offer them a new relationship, if not a spot on the MilkCrate team.

2. Inclusive Communities

For each for-profit company that buys MilkCrate for Communities in 2017 to help them track and grow sustainable actions among the members of their organization, we will donate our platform to a local non-profit ­— completely free of charge. We want to make organizational sustainability possible for everyone, especially those organizations who work to make Philadelphia a better place.

3. Inclusive Partnerships

As we grow our network beyond Philadelphia, we will offer 50/50 partnerships with organizations who can help provide volunteer opportunities, event information, and business listings in other cities. In exchange for their help in extending the MilkCrate community, we will offer these organizations a 50% discount on the use of MilkCrate for Communities for their own organization.

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